Friday, August 08, 2008

Arkmile Calls Off its Wind-Up Action

Challenger and Arkmile call off their legal action against each other and Arkmile drops its call for a meeting of shareholders and promises not to call one for another 12 months. What did Arkmile get in return? Nothing apparent. Why did they agree to that?

Picked up my passport with a Chinese visa in it. Has a nice picture of the Great Wall engraved into the background like this:

Saw my first snow of the winter - on a mountain range in the distance as I crossed over the lake to the Chinese Embassy and back. When I asked Snork Maiden what it felt like to have winter without snow, she just giggled :)


Anonymous said...

Can you please provide your email address and/or please leave your comments regarding your opinion of Roger Nusbaum as a portfolio manager? thanks

mOOm said...

My e-mail address is I can't give any opinion about Roger Nusbaum. He writes lots of interesting stuff but due to disclosure restrictions (that is what I understand) he doesn't give any performance data on his website.