Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cable TV

I went along to my local TransACT office to ask about changing our broadband/phone plan into one that includes cable TV. Snork Maiden's parents will be visiting from China very soon. As they don't speak a word of English we want to provide them with television in Chinese besides the daily news broadcast from SBS. Otherwise we have a pirated set of all the Ghibli movies in Chinese for them to watch on DVD :) We haven't quite figured out how to provide them with an internet connection yet as the broadband internet connection is in the room that we are planning on using as our bedroom while they're here (and the desktop computer is going to be moved out of there...) and Snork Maiden's old laptop doesn't seem to work with our wireless internet for whatever reason... Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked.

The guy in the office said: "We're upgrading our system so we can't sign on any new customers for the next six weeks!". I'd never heard anything like that before. Foxtel don't seem to have a Chinese channel - or anything in foreign languages - which I find rather odd. But he could give me a new mobile phone and number on the spot. So now we have two. Again, this is primarily for the Snorkparents so when they are stranded in this foreign landscape they can call up to be rescued :)

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Rafi said...

I think that translates into plain English as "f off and join another provider".