Saturday, May 29, 2010


Back in March I wrote that I was nominated by the Australian government for a UN scientific advisory body. I just heard today that the UN group accepted my nomination and so I will be participating for the next few years. Now if only I can convince someone here that this shows I should be worthy of getting a job! :) There are hundred of people involved in this effort but still there are not that many from any one country.


sergeson said...

Congratulations Moom!

Revanche said...

Congratulations! Do you get started pretty soon?

mOOm said...

The first actual meeting for our group is actually in May 2011. It's in a country that I've never been to though and Snork Maiden would love to visit as she loves the food :) We only get paid expenses in this position. It's not a paid job. But it can have some influence on policy worldwide maybe. Or maybe not at the rate things are progressing... It also looks good on the CV for getting a real job.