Friday, May 20, 2011

More Hedge Fund Returns for April 2011

Like HFRI vs. HFRX the broad Credit Suisse index shows stronger gains than the narrower core index this month, with the index rising 1.8% overall:

And though Managed Futures did extremely well in both the Core and Broad indices there are some substantial differences in the other strategies such as Global Macro. The core index may be then mainly an indicator of direction of change alone and not a good proxy to the performance of a broader basket of hedge funds? Looking at global macro HFRX showed a 0.89% increase in April, Credit Suisse Core a 0.44% gain, Credit Suisse Broad a 2.46% gain, and HFRI a 3.36% gain.

BTW, at mid-May the HFRX indices are showing declines across almost all hedge fund strategies and a 1.8% loss for the global hedge fund index.

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