Sunday, July 24, 2011

Temple Food

We went to a restaurant in the Insadong neighborhood that claimed to serve "temple food". This meant that the food was vegetarian and made of locally available ingredients and featured some things that Buddhist monks might have traditionally eaten. Lunch was a fixed menu for W22k per person (about $20) with a large number of small dishes. As my friends commented, this was pretty lavish for monks. The first set of courses looked like this:

At top left and bottom right are crunchy cracker, at top right pancake, and at bottom left tofu-like. In the middle was very salty peppercorns. The next round looked like this:

Top right is tempura vegetables (mushrooms and capsicum) and in the wicker basket mostly greens/herbs of various slightly different varieties surrounded by kimchi, tofu, and other dishes, soup etc. There was also rice (not in the picture). The dessert course featured some sweet stuff and crispy puffy things that seem to be popular in Korea:

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