Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interactive Brokers Can't Add Private Equity Stocks

Unfortunately, Interactive Brokers can't add the two private equity stocks I discussed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The reason given for the Lehman Brothers fund is that it is traded in dollars on the Amsterdam exchange. Regarding the Bear Stearns fund, they just stated "we do not offer this segment on the LSE". It's not surprising that volume in these two funds is as low as it is. The following listed private equity funds are available for trading through Interactive Brokers:


.l indicates a London listed stock and .f a Frankfurt listed stock. I'll report on these funds in the coming days. Please let me know of any others you'd like me to look at.

I got 50 unique pageviews for my post on the Lehman fund and my traffic from New York and London is up significantly in the last few days - usually the cities where I'm most popular are Sydney and Canberra. But I don't know how everyone got here. According to Google Analytics a lot of people searched for Lehman Brothers ticker:

But when I put those keywords into Google (which totally dominates the list of search engines produced by Google Analytics) my blog doesn't come up in the results. So I'm mystified as to how the visitors actually got here.

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