Wednesday, February 03, 2016

January 2016 Report

Here are our monthly accounts (in AUD):

Spending was down but still quite high at $7,770. The biggest single expenditure was an $1,898 payment to the obstetrician.

We earned $15.0k in salary and other current payments. After taking into account the mortgage payment of $3,570, which shows up as a transfer to the housing account, we saved $3.7k on the current account. We made $3.6k of retirement contributions, and saved a net $1.3k in added housing equity. Net saving was, therefore, $8.6k across the board.

Stock markets fell sharply this month. The ASX 200 fell 5.48%, the MSCI World Index fell 6.01%, but the S&P 500 fell 4.96%. The Australian Dollar fell to $US0.7070 from $US0.7285. We lost 4.43% in Australian Dollar terms and 7.25% in US Dollar terms. So we outperformed the Australian market and underperformed international markets, which is a common theme recently. The best performing investment was the Winton Global Alpha fund gaining $3.4k. Medibank gained $2.5k. The only asset class with positive returns this month was, not surprisingly, commodities.

As a result of all this, net worth fell $45k including housing equity (-$US64k) to $1.452 million ($US1.027 million).