Sunday, December 03, 2017

How Did We Get to AUD 2 Million?

This month we hit $A2 million net worth for the first time. We reached $A1 million in September 2013. How did net worth increase that much in 4 years? This graph should help explain:

The biggest contributor is profits on retirement accounts at $295k. Stock markets have been very strong. Retirement contributions added $182k. Housing equity contributed $249k. Current savings added $72k and profits on non-retirement accounts $219k. But, of course, we shifted $150k of current savings as a downpayment on our house. So really current savings were a larger contributor than retirement contributions. Of course, mortgage payments come out of our current income too.

A lot of the time it feels like that we aren't doing any saving now apartment from mortgage principal payments and retirement contributions. The blue line shows that actually we are.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

November 2017 Report

Stock markets rose again this month and our net worth went over the AUD 2 million mark. I am wondering how sustainable that is going to turn out to be. We hit the AUD 1 million mark in September 2013. So it's only taken just over 4 years to add another million and double our net worth.

Here are our monthly accounts (in AUD):

"Current other income" was $21k. This was a three salary payments month and I also got a large reimbursement. Spending (not counting our mortgage) was high at $8.5k. After deducting the mortgage payment of $5.6k (which includes implicit interest saving due to our offset account - the actual mortgage payment was about $869 less than this - it was also a three mortgage payment month), we saved $7.1k on the current account and added $3.7k in housing equity. Retirement contributions were $4.7k. Net saving was, therefore, $15.6k across the board.

The Australian Dollar fell slightly from USD 0.7672 to USD 0.7571. The ASX 200 gained 1.64%, the MSCI World Index gained 1.98%, and the S&P 500 3.07%. All these are total returns including dividends. We gained 1.98% in Australian Dollar terms and 1.68% in US Dollar terms. So, we slightly outperformed the Australian market and slightly underperformed international markets. The best performer in dollar terms was the Colonial First State Geared Share Fund, gaining $5.9k followed by Unisuper, PSSAP, and Platinum Capital, which all gained around $4k. 3i (III.L) was the worst performer losing $0.8k. Hedge funds were the best performing asset class in percentage terms, gaining 2.43%. Private equity was the worst performing asset class, losing 0.47%.

As a result of all this, net worth rose AUD 48k to $2.034 million or rose USD 17k to USD 1.54 million.