Friday, August 01, 2008

Was Snork Maiden's Superannuation Grabbed Already?

No contributions were paid into Snork Maiden's superannuation (retirement) account during July. We checked her payslip online and contributions were made, but they're not in the account. It might just be to do with her employer's transfer to a new computer system. Or is it the result of the implementation of the outrageous policy that was supposed to be implemented from the beginning of this tax year, where temporary residents' superannuation contributions will be paid to the ATO (tax office) and held until the worker either becomes a permanent resident or leaves the Australia permanently?

We're checking with the human resources/payroll department to eliminate the computer/bureaucracy slipup option. As I just discovered, Snork Maiden isn't a temporary resident for tax purposes as she is married to me, an Australian citizen. If it turns out that her contributions have been sent to the ATO we will be making the case that she isn't a temporary resident and this should not have happened.

If this is what happened, it hasn't solved any supposed bureaucratic problems as her previous superannuation savings are still in her account. So there isn't one less account for the authorities to track. It's just caused more bureaucratic chaos.

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