Sunday, February 15, 2009

Commonwealth Securities Service Deteriorating

After ranting yesterday about Ford, today it's Commonwealth Securities turn. I don't like putting down companies but I feel that criticizing companies on blogs is one way consumers can pressure them to perform better. CommSec's service has shown a very sudden deterioration since the beginning of this calendar year. It's almost as bad as Citibank now:

1. I sent in a request to buy units in a Colonial First State fund (another subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank) through CommSec. Nothing happened. I contacted CommSec and was told to contact CFS. I contacted CFS and was told to contact CommSec. They told me they had no record of my application and instructed me to send in a new application. Which I did. Two weeks later, I get a call from CommSec: "Mr Moom - the form you sent in to buy CFS funds had a different account number than that of the funds which are on your margin loan". "Um, yes, that was on purpose, I sent the application to you to avoid the 4% load I'd have to pay if I sent the form direct to CFS. But as I've already sent in another application please just cancel this one...".

2. Still nothing has happened with my second application I sent in around 2 weeks ago...

3. I requested to withdraw x thousand units of my total shareholding of y thousand EBI.AX to the new unlisted EAIT. I see online that all y thousand of my units have disappeared from my CommSec account. I phone them up and am reassured that that is just a formality and the y-x thousand units will appear back in my account after the deal closes. I just opened the letter from Everest Financial welcoming me as a new unitholder of y thousand shares in EAIT... I guess not such a big deal, except all that money is now locked up for one year...

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