Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kuranda Trip

I signed up for a trip to Kuranda - a small town or village about 30km from Cairns. They pick you up by bus and take you to the terminal of the "Skyrail" outside town. This is a cablecar that runs for 8km up the mountains over the rainforests to Kuranda. Then you make your own way back on the scenic railway which winds its way down along the river valley back to Cairns. The station is a few blocks from my hotel. Cost is $A89 ($US55) - the tickets individually are $A40 for each of the trips so the bus out to the terminal is $A9. This morning I was pitched a bus tour to Cape Tribulation and back for just $A10 more (much reduced) - all day including hiking, swimming, crocodile spotting (not in the same location as the swimming!) and lunch included. Cape Tribulation is at the end of the sealed road on Australia's East Coast - in other words the end of the "civilized world" and the edge of the Outback. I'd have loved to go on that trip but it departs at 7:30am and unfortunately I need to organize some things here at the hotel in the morning and can't leave that early. Hence the trip nearer to town.

Talking about good travel deals, this evening I saw a round the world ticket advertised at $A1599 ($US1000) and London roundtrip for $A1250 ($US800) at a travel agent here in Cairns. Granted that there are likely a bunch of taxes and stuff on top of that, but still those are amazing prices. My flight to Cairns was $A625.

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