Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Interview

Yeah, another one. Sometime in May. Depending on ranking this is the top department in Australia. I think I need to do a different presentation than the one that failed to get a first round offer here. I think it is my presentations that are letting me down... The most impressive stuff I can show though is a very incomplete project. So not sure if that can work.


Revanche said...

Is it incomplete for lack of data? Would it be of any value to project your proceedings from the end of the incomplete project?

mOOm said...

I'm going to do more work on it this week. The planned trip to Europe later this year was meant to wrap up this project with my coauthor. I think I can do something that they'll like. In economics they like to see a written paper to accompany the presentation. We have a paper but it is missing bits my coauthor is supposed to do and not very polished. But I can improve it in the time available.