Friday, April 02, 2010

Preliminary Report for March 2010

I might put some more numbers and charts up at the end of the month when all investments have reported, but here are numbers with some guesses included (in USD):

I still received just over two weeks salary in March and Snork Maiden got three salary payments. So current non-investment income (after tax) came in at $7,633. We spent $4,148 which is lower than last month but several hundred above our lowest spending months, when we can spend up to a thousand dollars less than this somehow or other :). Retirement accounts did better than non-retirement accounts but overall the rate of return in USD is estimated at 8.16% against 6.48% for the MSCI World Index and 6.03% for the S&P 500. Net worth reached $445k ($A485k). Our all time high was $482k, so we're getting back towards that range:

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