Wednesday, July 07, 2010

June 2010 Report

The true numbers for this month will be slower to arrive than ever. Everest Financial still hasn't reported fund results for May. So I might as well go ahead with the numbers as they stand at the moment. As usual everything is in US Dollars unless otherwise stated:

Non-investment income was fairly good this month as I earned a chunk of consulting income. This month exchange rates were relatively stable. Global stock markets were down another 2.95% (MSCI World Index) and US markets 5.23% (S&P 500). In currency neutral terms we lost 5.24% and in Australian Dollar terms 5.25% in terms of investment returns, whereas investment losses in USD terms amounted to 4.53%. So exchange rate movements improved USD returns relative to AUD returns. A loss of $17-20k either way you look at it though.

Expenditure was a little high as we continued with some travel expenses. But nothing like the massive spending of last month.

Net worth fell by $US13k to $US364k (or by $A18k to $A429k). The allocation to Australian large cap stocks fell by 1.5% of assets due to the bad market. Our "private equity" investments were also badly hit. A -22% rate of return. The only positive area was real estate, finally showing some gains.

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