Friday, January 07, 2011

Annual Report 2010 Part II (USD Version)

Part I is here and last year's report here. This year was not as spectacular as last year financially but still pretty good. Expenditure was higher and income lower but we still spent less than we earned. We saved about a quarter of non-retirement non-investment income (which is what the spending 76% number indicates) and net worth rose by about 20% in USD terms to almost $1/2 million. There was about equal growth in retirement and non-retirement accounts. Non-retirement accounts made about $5,000 of real income adjusted for exchange rate moves, while retirement accounts lost about $1,000.* Soon, I'll present the results in Australian Dollar terms which will look a lot different.

* This is when income is adjusted for exchange rate moves each month and then summed for the year. To get the currency neutral income, each month we sum investment income for that month using the exchange rates at the end of the previous month to convert amounts in different currencies. If we summed all income for the year using the previous year's exchange rates the decomposition would be different.

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