Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Moominvalley December 2010 Report

As usual some data will lag for a month or more but here are the accounts based on the information I have at the moment. And as usual everything is in USD. The AUD rose strongly from 96 US cents to $1.02, which is a record level since the Australian Dollar was floated in 1983. This hit our returns in AUD terms and boosted them in USD terms.World stock markets gained strongly with the MSCI World Index gaining 7.35% for the month. Here is the summary account for December:

Non-investment income was more normal this month as it is just Snork Maiden's regular salary minus the check I sent to the IRS. Expenditure was pretty reasonable at $4,296. Investment returns in USD terms were very strong, but more than half the gain came from the rise in the Australian Dollar.

Net worth rose in USD terms by $43k (rose by $A13k in AUD terms) to $500k ($A488k). This is a record monthly close in US Dollar terms.

Actually we are about $100 short of the half million mark.

Allocation-wise the main change was a rise in the share of large cap Australian stocks due to the market and a reduction in the allocation to hedge funds due to my sale of Platinum Capital shares.

Investment return was a gain of 9.15% in USD terms. In AUD terms we gained 2.44% and in currency neutral terms 4.31%. All asset classes gained with foreign shares and private equity the best performers.

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