Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss

When I cam back from Europe I found I was 2-3kg lighter at least than when I left and I decided to try to keep losing weight. I had been trying half-heartedly for a while. I've now been keeping a daily weight record for almost three months. The results look like this:

The scale is in kilograms (multiply by 2.2 or divided by 0.454 to get pounds). I'm 1.90m (6' 3") tall so that should explain why the number might look big to you if you're not so tall. As you can see, my initial enthusiasm wore off but I still seem to be losing weight. I've averaged a loss of 34 grams (just over an ounce) a day. Initially though it was about 67 grams a day. Mainly, I've tried to eat less at each meal, especially less bread and less rice and cut out calories for the sake of calories in the form of alcohol etc. And eat fewer and lower calories snacks. There is nothing I stopped eating completely though and I don't measure how much I eat. I just try to moderate as much as possible. This has worked before for me and it seems to be working now. It will take about another 9 months at this rate to get me down to my real target of about 90kg. I'm pretty happy to be approaching 100kg again though.

Downside is that neither of my two suits fits me now. One is too big and one too small. I don't want to get the big one adjusted to my current size though... I'm thinking anyway a suit will be too hot for my next interview and I'll just do the shirt and tie thing. This is academia and though it is part of a business school I noticed the pictures on the website of people are not wearing suits and ties.


Rafi (S) said...

I lost 6-7kg last year also just by cutting out excesses and also by adding exercise. My aim was to lose half a kg a week and get down from 81-82 to 77kg. Half a kg is 3500 kC i.e 500 a day which is not too difficult. I found it a lot easier to look at how many calories to cut out than to start counting how I was actually eating. It also makes more sense. It didn't matter how much I ate as long as it was 500 calories less than I wanted to. What I also told myself is that it was only temporary until my weight came down which helps psychologically, because I wasn't giving up anything for good. In terms of exercise I added 35 of strenuous fast walking most days which burnt the calories I wasn't cutting. In the end I lost more than I wanted and went down to 75kg which was my weight when I was in my early 20s.

mOOm said...

Yes, cutting 500 calories a day is a much easier way to do it and that was roughly what I tried to cut at the beginning though I didn't calculate it precisely at all. My peak recent weight was near 110kg. So I have removed about 9kg in total so far. 100kg has been a typical weight for me but in 1999 I got it down to 90kg (from 114kg), which was my weight when I was 19. So that's the goal again.

Rafi (S) said...

I didn't do it too scientifically either. I looked up how much the calorific value is (a dodgy concept in itself) of various things I could do without. I also looked at how many calories get burnt doing various activities and came the conclusion that it is normally pitifully few. I then tried to cut out or cut down on enough things and do 300 calories of exercise when I could to make up for the haphazardness of the methodology. In the end it worked faster than I thought so I must have been doing it more successfully than I reckoned.

Bigchrisb said...

Well done - its a hard gig! I've been trying to do the same since June 2010 - and so far so good - down about 25kg. But, starting at close to 165 (and 6'6), I still have a fair bit to shift. Trying for another 25kg this year.