Saturday, April 02, 2011

Career Update

I bought the ticket for the interview in Cloud Cuckoo Land - $2947. That's a bit over the budget they gave me of Euros 2000. A direct flight to the capital seemed to come out even worse and then I'd need to get a train for 2 1/2 hours. So I'm flying to Frankfurt and then flying to the city in question.

In the meantime in Australia I am making progress on getting a permanent job despite some setbacks. It looks like a position I can apply for will again be advertised soon and there are various developments I am pushing which would provide a course for me to teach and collaborations with other areas in the university.

P.S. I took my suit to be altered to fit my new smaller size. It was big when I bought it but for some reason I believed the salesman that that was OK. Since then I lost a few kilos in weight. The alteration cost is less than a new suit of that quality and I think it will look better than when I first bought it when this guy is done with it. He altered a suit for me once before many years ago and also adjusted Snork Maiden's wedding dress.

2 comments: said...

Is the swiss job permanent or fixed-term contract? If you're trying for a permanent position in Australia, a short-term overseas position seems to be on a different career path. Also, how does it fit in with your wife's career plans?

If she has a fairly secure 'public service' sort of job with maternity leave and other entitlements, that may also be a consideration if you intend to start a family in the future.

mOOm said...

It's not actually in Switzerland :) It's a permanent job. My wife's job here has 1 year more of contract. We'd definitely prefer to stay here in Australia. I have to try more than one path at once and there can be links/trade-offs between them too...