Monday, May 02, 2011

Moominvalley April 2011 Report

As usual everything is in USD. The AUD rose yet again to 109.4 US cents. This improved our returns in USD terms and reduced them in AUD terms. We again can no longer just say "dollars" without thinking about whether we mean US or Australian Dollars. World stock markets rose in little in USD terms with the MSCI World Index gaining 4.15% for the month. Here is the summary account for March:

As you can see almost all the investment gain came from foreign exchange gains with just $928 of underlying returns. Of course, we lost money in terms of Australian Dollars. Non-investment income of $11,000 a month is the new normal... Expenditure was $5,533. We had to spend about $600 on car repairs/service. But apart from that it's hard to say where the money went... (It's AUD 5,058 and $4,500 without the car expenses is pretty normal).

The rate of return was 4.10% in USD terms narrowly underperforming the market, 0.17% in currency neutral terms, and -1.43% in AUD terms.

Net worth rose in USD terms by $31k (rose by $A0k in AUD terms) to $573k ($A524k) another all time high in USD terms.

Investment allocation saw a small increase in private equity due to gains in OCP.AX. and a small reduction in Australian stocks due to market movements.

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