Saturday, July 02, 2011

End of the Financial Year

The Australian financial year ends on June 30. Investment results for June are always delayed due to this. But here are the preliminary accounts for June in USD terms:

This was a crazy month in terms of income and expenditure. Income was inflated by travel refunds (for the trip to Cloud Cuckoo Land and one to Sydney (Snork Maiden went on business and I went along for fun and we drove there and back) and an advance for travel expenses (a per diem rate of $A275 per day!). Maybe I should count these things as income but the latter two really are. We didn't spend $A587 in getting to Sydney and back and I'm not going to spend $A1,100 on my trip. And I did somewhat enjoy myself on the CCL trip.

This month seemed to be a non-stop shopping trip. Snork Maiden was buying presents for people when she visits China. I bought a new watch, got my glasses fixed (more than 400 dollars), bought a new drive of sorts for my computer, had some largish medical and dental bills, went to Ikea in Sydney etc.

In USD terms we lost 1.64% this month on a preliminary basis. We lost money investing for the fourth month in a row in Australian Dollar terms. It's a slow decline but pretty depressing all the same. We're now down 4% for the year in AUD terms and up 0.66% in USD terms. The MSCI though has gained 4.99% for the year so far. The Australian stock market has been underperforming on a global basis.

As a result net worth fell $A755 despite all the income coming in and rose by USD 2,961.

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