Monday, July 25, 2011


Namdaemun (Nan da men in modern Mandarin Chinese - South Great Gate) is a market area in the centre of Seoul. We had lunch one day in a restaurant there after going camera shopping. This is what it looked like:

The main dishes are a spicy tofu stew and cold buckwheat noodles. After serving the noodles a woman came and cut them with a big pair of scissors. We didn't think much of the sushi. In centre from left - soup, kimchi, tofu, radish. Also in the picture rice and bean-sprouts. You always get served a bunch of small dishes for free in Korean restaurants but I found they were a bit more substantial in Korea than in other countries. Close up of the noodles:

Also typical of restaurants in Korea is that there is a lot of chopsticks and spoons on the table which you select as many as you need:

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