Thursday, July 28, 2011

River of Alcohol

A bar with a river of alcohol! The traditional Korean drink makoli to be precise:

This was in the Sinchon neighborhood. You can drink as much as you like for W4,000 each (just under $4). You can also order food. The main menu was in Korean and Japanese, but there was also a Chinese menu. No English menu. Again, recommended by our Hong Kong guide. So, the dishes cover holes in the table. You lift the dish and ladle out some drink into your cups. It is about as strong as cider or a strong beer. It is the first stage in the production of rice based liquor before distillation.


Rafi (S) said...

It looks like a muddy stream... are you sure it's not an overflow from the bathroom?

mOOm said...

It tastes a bit between home brewed beer and ginger ale. It looks a lot like soy milk actually.