Monday, September 19, 2011


How much should I charge as a consultant? My employer allows us to spend 20% of our time on consulting. So I figure I should take my salary + employer retirement contributions and divide by 4*52 days to work out a daily rate. And add on any expenses too, of course. Snork Maiden thinks that is too low. And it seems to be lower than what one of my colleagues quoted. I'm not really interested in making money from this project but more about developing a long-term relationship with the client which would be valuable in terms of science and policy impact. I wouldn't really spend time consulting for a purely commercial client as I think we don't need the money. Unless they offered a really large amount of money of course :)


Rafi (S) said...

Two ideas:
1. How much does your employer bill your time for?
2. Is there a published government price list for consultation. Here in Israel there is. That could be your baseline.

mOOm said...

1. On a research grant they charge the nominal salary plus 30% oncosts. They get overheads through an indirect channel from the government. I don't know what they'd charge in overheads to a non-Australian agency. But I don't have overheads. The employer is a non=profit of course. For teaching, there is no way to know, they charge students per course taken.

2. There isn't a published list. The guy just said: "Tell me what your rate is".