Thursday, September 01, 2011

Moominvalley August 2011 Report

Six losing months in a row now... The accounts for the month look like this in USD terms:

Non-investment income was very high as was spending. This was a triple pay month - we get paid every two weeks as is the norm in Australia and every few months there is a month with three payments. Also my pay rose as I took on my new position.

But in USD terms we lost 7.25% this month against an MSCI World Index loss of 7.26%. We're now down 9.31% for the year in USD terms while the MSCI has lost 4.19% for the year so far. The Australian Dollar fell back a little to USD 1.07 and so Australian Dollar returns were "only" -4.67%.

Expenditure was very high at $9,743. But a third of this was another long haul plane ticket I bought which I should be reimbursed for (I still need to be reimbursed for my trip to India). Core expenditure was still high. There was about $1000 of medical and dental expenses. We'll get reimbursed about $200 for those.

As a result net worth fell USD 27k to USD 520k and fell AUD 11k to AUD 487k. Due to buying shares asset allocation was pretty much unchanged for the month as stocks fell.

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