Thursday, October 06, 2011

Get Done What You Want to Do Now

I just heard that Steve Jobs died at age 56. I felt sad but my immediate thoughts were that he got on with doing the big things he wanted to do and it's good he did because he died relatively young. I've often commented (in contrast to some but not all personal finance bloggers) on not worrying too much about saving for retirement over more immediate life goals and not putting off dreams until you "retire". This just reinforces it. Also in the news is the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to ANU astronomer Brian Schmidt (and two Americans). He is just over two years younger than me and the key paper that won the prize was published in 1998 when he was just 31. Of course, this is the advice that Steve Jobs himself gave in his graduation address at Stanford.


Financial Independence said...

I think he is not entirely many times did he need to change houses involuntarily (not upgrade to upscale neighborhood)?

Trying to sell idea - follow the dream, where your life takes you..good fun for youngsters but how about families?

mOOm said...

I don't know what you mean by the first comment.

On the second, you need to think about what you as a family want to do. How do you really want to raise your children? Is what you are doing what you really want? Or just what society says you should be doing? Do you think: "When the children are older maybe we'll do X?" or "When we have more money" etc.