Saturday, January 07, 2012

Annual Review: Part II

Not sure how serious this annual review is going to be. I'm just going to post what I feel like. This is what happened to net worth in Australian Dollars over the course of the year:

We ended the year with somewhat higher net worth but retirement savings actually declined while non-retirement savings overtook retirement savings for the first time since the onset of the financial crisis. This trend will continue this year, I think. Maybe once I turn 50 I might increase retirement savings above the tax concessional level * as the money can be accessed from age 60.

This chart shows underlying story:

Persistent saving throughout the year in both types of accounts and persistent investment losses at a similar rate on both.

*$A25k a year for each of us can go in after 15% tax. Contributions above this rate are taxed at our marginal rates.


Financial Independence said...

Why don't they always adds up?

For example August 28 superannuation & medium term balance were 250,000 but grand total was below 500,000.
Why is that?

mOOm said...

There's probably something wrong with my graph. I'll look into it. Thanks.

mOOm said...

I edited this chart from one that spans more than a decade. And I edited it wrong so that the bottom two lines are a month out compared with the top line which is their sum...