Thursday, May 01, 2014

Moomin Valley Monthly Report April 2014

I was just thinking this morning that we need to increase net worth by $3,000 each month now just to compensate for inflation. 

The Australian Dollar was pretty stable this month. The MSCI World Index rose 1.00%, the S&P 500, 0.74%, and the ASX200 1.77%. We gained 0.89% in US Dollar terms or 0.80% in Australian Dollar terms. So we beat the world markets but not the Australian stock market. Net worth rose $15k to $1.163 million in Australian Dollars or $US15k to $US1.080 million. The monthly accounts (in AUD now) follow:

Other income is income not from investments or retirement contributions. It was normal this month at $13.5k. Spending was very high this month at $9.8k but after adjustments it was an average $5.8k. We saved only $3.7k from regular income. 

We gained $9.2k on investments. The asset class that did best this month was real estate and the worst private equity.


Financial Independence said...

Can I ask you a personal question - why are you tracking US to AUD all the time?

Is it only because some of your investments in the USD or you are planing to return there for retirement?

Why don't you expose yourself to other markets as well?

mOOm said...

Most of our investments are in through Australian institutions and the rest are held through US based institutions. I don't actually track the actual currency exposure. Roughly I think it is 60% Australian Dollar, 15% US Dollar, and 25% other currencies. Mainly, I report US Dollars for the sake of readers who are not in Australia. Also because the net worth on NetWorthIQ is in US Dollars to be comparable with other posters there.