Monday, June 02, 2014

Moomin Valley Monthly Report May 2014

The Australian Dollar barely changed this month. The MSCI World Index rose 2.21%, the S&P 500, 2.35%, and the ASX200 0.68%. We gained 1.73% in US Dollar terms or 1.57% in Australian Dollar terms. So we beat the Australian stock market but not the world markets. Net worth rose $A19k to $1.182 million or $US19k to $US1.099 million. The monthly accounts (in AUD now) follow:

Other income is non-investment income. It was above normal this month at $18.3k as refunds for business travel spending began to come in. Starting in two weeks, I will be travelling around the world, first stop is New York City. Spending as a result was at a record level of $19.1k. But "only" $12.0k of that was "core expenditure". Refunds should cover the other $7k eventually. Last year core spending hit $14k in May. As a result we dissaved from regular income (-$0.8k).  We gained $18.2k on investments. The asset class that did best this month was hedge funds at 4.64%, followed by private equity at 2.9% and commodities at 2.11%. All asset classes gained. The worst was Australian small caps at 0.12%.

You can track our net worth gain and some asset class breakdown on NetWorthIQ. It's interesting to look back at the picture 10 years ago.


Bigchrisb said...

What's happened to your house hunting? I see you are sitting on about $150k of cash, presumably still for a deposit? Have you not found the place you are after, or are you holding off for another reason?

I'm in a similar position in the same local market, sitting on a few hundred k and not quite willing to pull the trigger yet?

mOOm said...

Yes, the $150k is for a deposit of 10%, stamp duty, and other fees. The last house we were quite interested in, someone else made an offer the day after it first showed. I guess a house we like in a good location and affordable price range is going to get a lot of interest. We will be travelling a lot in the second half of the year which makes househunting harder (makes me wonder if we should buy a house too). Some friends think we will never buy.