Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Moominvalley September 2014 Report

The Australian Dollar fell sharply this month from 93.43 to 87.35  US cents. The MSCI World Index fell 3.20%, the S&P 500 fell 1.40%, and the ASX200 fell 5.38%. In Australian Dollar terms we lost 1.97%  and in US Dollar terms 8.38%. So we beat the Australian market but lost badly against the global markets. All asset classes apart from hedge funds lost money with private equity down the worst (4.06%) closely followed by Australian large cap (3.87%) and Australian small cap stocks (3.41%).

As a result, net worth fell $A12k to $1.254 million or $US88k to $US1.095 million. I first hit $US88k in net worth in December 1999. Now we can lose that in a month... Our largest ever monthly decline in USD terms was in October 2008 at $90k. This is the second largest in dollar terms. The monthly accounts (in AUD) follow:

Current non-investment income (salary etc.) was about normal at $13.8k. Retirement contributions were $3.2k. Spending was $5.5k which is about average. We managed as a result to save $8k from current non-investment income. We lost $25k on investments.We got $1k in tax credits from non-retirement investments for the month. That's a thousand dollars less tax to pay in the next tax return.

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