Monday, July 25, 2016

Sold Out of Aurora

I finally sold out of Aurora Dividend Income Trust (22,389 shares). It hasn't been performing that well and the news around the management of the company doesn't sound good. I made a total of $1,385 profit since first buying into the fund in 2009, which is about half of the amount of the franking credits the holding has generated ($2,588). That together with all the cash distributions they paid out means I can book a $6,371 capital gains loss on closing the position. I gained a total 23% return on this investment, which is 3% a year. However, returns have been zero since I doubled the size of my position in 2013. I like franking credits, but I think there are better ways to earn them. I bought 9,719 shares of Platinum Capital instead. It's returned an average 9.2% p.a. over the same period. It's also marginable.

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