Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New NetWorthIQ Release

NetWorthIQ have a new release. The new version splits out non-owner occupied real estate. I think that is a great improvement. They also have some notes attached to each net worth category on the net worth updating page explaining what should go in each entry. Good start on both. Splitting out the value of businesses is another thing I would like to see. Mentioning where more exotic investments and loans like margin loans and short positions should go would also be useful. I lump the latter into "other debt". I could just put the net worth of my brokerage account under "stocks" but that would be a bit misleading. Once I break out the cash and include that in cash the short positions would result in a negative stock value. At the moment I include options under "other assets". Therefore those have to go in other debt. Don't know yet how I will treat futures positions. Actually, as they now list REITs and other real estate funds under "other real estate" I am going to have to go back and recompute all my entries!

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