Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Macquarie Capital Alliance Group to be Privatised

Another Macquarie private equity listed fund to be delisted. This bodes well for my various Australian listed funds that are trading at huge discounts to book value: EBI, AEP, IPE, CAM, and PMC. Though CAM and PMC are more traditional share funds. EBI continues to attract new hedge fund investors. The manager of the fund referenced in the EBI announcement, Andrew Weiss, was a professor of economics at my Alma Mater, Boston University. I remember once I went to look for him for some reason, but never did meet him. Some grad student was sitting in his office. EBI are going to introduce a buyback facility that will come into play whenever the fund trades 10% below book value. The problem with AEP is of course that it was an Allco sponsored fund, so no privatization likely there, though I expect another more serious takeover effort if it continues to trade so cheaply.

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