Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mid-Month Update

The numbers in the right column look really awful. The only goal where we're making progress at this point in the month is on realized gains with a net $487 gain so far this month. Investment performance is -7.81% so far against a 4.59% loss for the MSCI and 2.88% loss for the SPX. Numbers were worse before the start of Friday's trading by around $4000 and at the end of Friday were in fact better than this - but there is always a delay in getting the prices for Australian managed funds (mutual funds). The numbers are also better in Australian Dollar terms (-6.34%) as the Australian Dollar is down on the month. I think this is the worst point of the month and hopefully, month ending numbers will be better. The main reason for the poor performance is our much higher level of leverage since April - estimated beta is 1.06 (time series estimate) to 1.34 (naive estimate).


traineeinvestor said...

Sounds painful but you are not alone. I know that if I ran the numbers on my portfolio since last month it would make for pretty depressing reading.

Anonymous said...

Never fear - its pain all round. I took my first margin call for many many many years on Friday (and to think the market recovered!)

Revanche said...

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