Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Research Proposal Approved

I just heard that my research proposal was approved. We haven't got any details yet but we proposed that I work on the project for one year at either 3 or 4 days a week - i.e. I will get paid the same as a post-doc (about $A61k per year) but have a more senior position - "Fellow" - equivalent to a senior lecturer in the Australian system or an Associate Professor in the U.S.

On Thursday I have my long-delayed preliminary interview for the continuing position as senior lecturer.


Rafi said...

Good news. Good luck with the interview. Will you be wearing a suit in the end?

Caren said...

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mOOm said...

Rafi - he kept telling me how informal it is in his message on Monday and given it's going to be 33C (likely with thunderstorms) I'm in no mood for a suit or tie. I'll just dress smart - pretty much like at my wedding... This is academia not finance or sales or something as long as I look like I'm taking it seriously I should be OK I think. Now I can walk in there and tell them I just got a grant.

Revanche said...

Wonderful news, good luck and stay cool! (33 C plus thunderstorms = humid, right?)

mOOm said...

Thanks Revanche! It gets humid and cooler after the rain falls. It's a bit more humid on the days when thunderstorms occur (which is a good predictor) but not much more so.