Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are the HFRI hedge fund indices for December and 2008 which differ quite a bit from the HFRX results I posted before. HFRI tracks around 2000 hedge funds while HFRX only tracks 55. The HFRI data go back to 1990, HFRX only to 2003. HFRX is available on a daily basis, HFRI monthly. HFRI indices are equal weighted rather than capitalization weighted, while HFRX is calculated by "representative optimization" - "Constituents are weighted according to HFRX Methodology in order to achieve representative performance of a larger universe of hedge funds."

Anyway, HFRI shows a positive performance overall for December and some of the subindices like convertible arbitrage didn't do as badly in 2008 as indicated by HFRX, though they still did badly.

Final Credit Suisse Indices for December and 2008 are also now available:

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