Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take an Economics Test

U.S. High School "Advanced Placement Economics Test courtesy of the New York Times. I got 18/18 but for a couple of questions that was because I knew all the other answers had to be wrong rather than I knew the one I selected was right. It's all macro-economics questions.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it is not really a test on economics. It is a test of one's knowledge of popular economic myths.

mOOm said...

That's certainly at least partly true :) On several of them I was guessing what I think they would like to hear once I'd ruled out the most obviously wrong ones. Anyway, it's only macro-economics to start with.

Revanche said...

I know I passed that AP test ten years ago, but I didn't make it past Question 5 before my eyes started crossing. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten all the models by now. (And now I'm not sure that I passed with a particularly high score, either!)