Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I finally got my contract today. Last night on Snork Maiden's insistence I sent another e-mail to human resources and my supervisor immediately also sent one. Today the guy sent me an e-mail at 3:17pm that it was ready and I went downstairs from my office and picked everything up. I'll be busy this evening going through the details and filling in the forms but the key details are:

Official worktime is 65% of full-time

Nominal salary is $A95,126

Employer superannuation (retirement contribution) is 17% on top of that or $A16,171 (the minimum required in Australia is 9%).

So actual salary is $A61,831 and superannuation of $A10,551.

That's about $A10,000 a year less than Snork Maiden earns in a full-time position.

Rather ironically, after taking almost 3 months to come up with this contract, they give me till Friday to complete all the paperwork and return it to them!


Follow up on the conference situation - they didn't agree to swap my papers. I expect I'll end up withdrawing both papers. It's quite a lot of money relative to my earnings.

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Revanche said...

That's great news about the contract. I think I've finally learned my lesson about getting everything in writing. :P