Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sixteen (or twenty four) Accounts

I'm just checking all our bank accounts, credit cards, and loans at the end of the month to record the data in my monthly accounting exercise and pay any bills that need to be paid. I made a list on my computer to check off against and realised there were sixteen accounts to check. Of course we have more total accounts than that. Actually, another six investment and retirement that don't have cash or debt balances to check and then there is the apartment deposit and the car value. So twenty four accounts in total. And I just closed one this month (TD Ameritrade - I still have a Roth IRA with them).

Don't know if this is a lot. Some bloggers have reported higher numbers...

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Revanche said...

I feel like it's a lot. I do have more but I'm working on reducing extraneous accounts. ING may be next, they've got me ticked. :P