Monday, May 04, 2009

April 2009 Moominvalley Report

This month saw one of the largest gains in net worth in dollar terms USD 31,220 (second biggest after April 2008) and was the biggest percentage gain in USD terms (14.31%) since October 2001. Not so spectacular in Australian Dollar terms - a gain of $A26,968 (third biggest after August 2008 and October 2001). Only a 9.22% gain in USD. What happened in October 2001? I quit my job at the university I'm now again working at (well it was the end of my contract but I still got a substantial termination payment). And the stock market was rebounding from the September 2001 low. This time we are also in rebound mode, I got my first pay (2 months worth) for my new job, Snork Maiden got paid 3 times for the month and we got some refunds for trips from her employer (which we make money on effectively). The crisis feeling has certainly relaxed. But at this point in 2001 it looked like the bottom was in the stock market too...

The following is based on the available data as a couple of funds as usual won't report till near the end of the month, when I'll give a final asset class performance report. As usual everything is in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.

The MSCI World Index rose 11.90% in USD terms and the SPX rose 9.57%. We gained 12.33% in USD terms (6.30% in AUD terms). Performance was strongest in private equity (34.66%) followed by US stocks (10.42%) and the Australian Dollar gained. Leverage also helped for a change. Alpha measured against the USD MSCI was 3% with a beta of 1.16 currently. Beta has had some crazy fluctuations through the financial crisis:

We spent $6,153, which is very high. More than $2,000 was on flights for four people and accommodation in Queensland (upcoming trip). Actually, we spent $3,189 from Snork Maiden's U.S. accounts which have been designated for expenses on the Snorkparents visit. No idea what we spent the other $1000 on apart from some restaurant meals in Sydney. So cutting that out, expenditure was pretty normal:

Transfer to super is my after tax contribution to my super account in a bid to get the government's "co-contribution".

As you can see from these accounts our retirement accounts and non-retirement investments gained about the same this month. Net worth reached $233k ($A319k). Asset allocation moved away from our target as Australian stocks gained strongly and the shares of everything else in our portfolio fell:

The main move I made was to reduce hedge fund exposure by selling some shares of Platinum Capital and to consolidate our U.S. brokerage accounts with Interactive Brokers, in the process paying off two small margin loans in Euros and Pounds. So our leverage continued to decline this month. Paying off credit cards also helped. We are now borrowing just 12 cents for each dollar of equity (we hit 38 cents per dollar at the peak) and including borrowings by levered funds we are borrowing 51 cents per dollar of equity. This measure reached 90 cents at the worst point.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like your portfolio took a hard hit too as the same time. Now all I've got is what I have left in the equity in my homes. I haven't been trading and working more so less blogging. I thought I'd discipline myself for a year not to trade. It's helping I think in my control and patience. glad you are working your way back up.

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