Saturday, January 08, 2011

Annual Report 2010 Part III (AUD Version)

In contrast to the USD version investment returns were negative, even in currency adjusted terms.* Still, we did manage some gain in net worth in AUD terms. The breakdown of needs, wants and saving is based on a monthly spending of $A3,500 as being sufficient to cover needs and everything above that is a "want". Monthly spending is never below the $A3,500 level but sometimes reaches it when we are frugal. Our monthly rent is $2,042 at the moment, so that spending level is not that high. Of course, we could spend less on rent if we wanted to...

* As explained in the previous post, this is due to summing each month's results while exchange rates swung wildly from month to month. If very negative returns occur when the Australian Dollar is strong and positive returns occur when it is weak the annual currency adjusted result could be negative in AUD terms and positive in USD terms.

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