Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Moominvalley July 2011 Report

Another month has flown by... I'm getting tired of losing money. In Australian Dollar terms the last 5 months have all had negative returns on investment. That's a long-run of negative returns. The accounts for the month look like this in USD terms:

Our trip to Asia didn't end up costing us very much at all. My flight and first week hotel was paid as I was on business. I also got an $A1,100 expenses payment up front with no need to prove any expenses and then I got another $US500 for a presentation I gave the next week. So this more than paid for our expenses in Seoul ($A800 hotel bill etc.). Snork Maiden's parents gave her a RMB15k gift, though she was expected to pay for some family meals etc. But that is about what her flight cost. As a result, income was high and so was expenditure. Total expenditure also included a ticket to India. Core expenditure, which excludes this amount which I expect to get refunded was still high but not above the normal range.

In USD terms we lost 2.86% this month against an MSCI World Index loss of 1.60%. We're now down 1.92% for the year in USD terms while the MSCI though has gained 3.32% for the year so far. Due to the continuing rise in the Australian Dollar (hitting a post-float high above USD1.10), AUD performance looks much worse - a 5.23% loss this month and a 9.10% loss YTD.

As a result net worth fell USD 6k to USD 547k and fell AUD 18k to AUD 498k, down below half a million dollars again.


enoughwealth@yahoo.com said...

Looks like your NetWorthIQ figures are different from your monthly posts. Did you stop updating NWIQ?

mOOm said...

Yeah, I haven't got it quite up to date.