Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buying Shares

I've actually been buying shares recently. Adding $A5,000 to the CFS Geared Share Fund (large cap Australian shares with in built borrowing and today I bought 5000 shares of Qantas (QAN.AX). That was a departure from my recent investment plan. The only other stocks of individual companies I hold are Legend International (LGDI.OB) and Bekaert (BEKB.BR) and neither has been doing well lately. Still, if analyst forecasts are even slightly right, Qantas is very cheap and it is trading a lot below book value. The two moves are about a 2.5% investment of net worth. Of course, we have automatic investments of more than $A5,000 happening every month anyway. $A1,000 in each of mine and Snork Maiden's CFS managed fund (mutual fund) accounts and retirement contributions - about $A2,000 for me and $A1,400 for her. These are in diversified but equity biased funds.

I also just bought a ticket to the US today. On Qantas.


Anonymous said...

Bekaert BEKB.BR has become interesting in terms of valution, trading at around book and 7x earnings for this steel fabricator. i like this company and bought a few shares. thanks for reminding me.
Have you in fact holding these shares since early 2008? It has been quite a ride...

mOOm said...

Unfortunately, yes :)

I bought more when the price fell but then it fell more :(