Monday, August 01, 2011

HSBC Sells Upstate NY Branches to First Niagara

HSBC lost a lot of money from it's venture into North America. Now they are withdrawing and have sold their upstate New York branches to First Niagara Bank. I have a checking account with HSBC at an upstate NY branch as well as a credit card account and an online savings account. Apparently, all these accounts, including the online only account, will transfer to First Niagara:

"9. I have an Online Savings/Advance Account, and also accounts at a branch which is included in this transaction. Will my Online Savings/Advance Account transfer with my other accounts?

Upon completion of the sale, if you have a branch relationship, all accounts associated with your branch relationship (including Online Savings/Advance) will be automatically transferred."

Snork Maiden has an online only account with HSBC and so apparently her account will stay with HSBC. The full FAQ is here.

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Nicole said...

It seems like credit card fraud is on the rise in upstate New York, has anyone had any trouble with this? Two of my friends had their credit cards stolen this year.