Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting Back into Trading

Last week I took a complete break from trading while we were in Florida and after we returned. Today I initiated a small position. This morning I used half the cash in my Roth IRA to buy 3 April $46 QQQQ puts and I also shorted 500 QQQQ shares in my regular trading account. This is a minimal position equivalent to 1 NQ contract. Only one of my indicators was on short today. This afternoon the market rallied and I shorted 1 NQ contract in addition. So now I am at 1/3 of my maximum position. Two more of my indicators are close to a short tomorrow. There are retail numbers out in the morning at 8:30am. If the market does turn to the downside this could be the second downwave of the correction. Or it could just be a wiggle inside a sideways correction of the first downwave. I don't really need to form an opinion about that. I will just keep on building up my position as things get more bearish or vice versa. But the downmove should last way beyond the end of this week based on the forward forecast. Of course if the stochastic some how manages to get above 80 the short signal will be negated.

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