Friday, November 23, 2007

Searching NetWorthIQ by Country

Networth IQ has finally added the ability to search by country. Not surprisingly, Australia seems to be the best represented country outside the US. I wonder though how many profiles are in Australian Dollars in fact and how many in US Dollars. Not that it makes a huge difference for Australia at the moment. I know for example that Enoughwealth's profile is in Australian Dollars, while mine is in US Dollars. A nice feature for the site would be allowing people to enter data in their native currency and then for users to read profiles either in the original currency or in US Dollars.

2 comments: said...

I agree that it would be good if NetWorthIQ let you nominate what currency your data was in, and let people choose between native currency and USD.

I wonder though what would be the best way to display the graph of historic net worth in that case. For example, my chart shows true figures in AUD, but if you converted to view in USD I would think the previous months data should be converted to the USD equivalent that applied at that time ie. use historic currency conversion rates. Otherwise a plot of my networth chart converted to USD using the current exchange rate would be misleading.

mOOm said...

Yes it has to be historic data but that is easily available for free from for example Pacific Exchange Rate: