Friday, October 31, 2008

Reinvesting Distributions

A couple of years ago, I stopped automatically reinvesting the distributions from my Colonial First State Managed Funds. It turns out it was a good idea not to reinvest the distributions when the stock market was near its highs. Unfortunately I didn't always just pay down debt with the money... Anyway, times have changed and I am now switching back to the automatic reinvestment option. I doubt these funds will have much in the way of distributions in the near future anyway, but whatever it is it'll get reinvested at what are relatively low prices. I'm not switching the distribution payout method on Snork Maiden's account as it is very straightforward to make the reinvestment online ourselves and when we do we can rebalance the account. Reinvesting in the funds in my margin account though requires faxing or mailing in a form to CommSec, which is a hassle.

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