Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Annoying Changes to Australian Immigration Rules

After the previous government raised the residency requirement in Australia to 4 years from 2 for those seeking to become Australian citizens, this government has now lowered it, but only for athletes it seems. Travel rules might have been relaxed more generally for other potential migrants - details aren't clear. I'd like Snork Maiden to become an Australian citizen as fast as possible. The change to travel rules is sensible, but why should athletes wait less than others just so Australia can win more medals. It's a cynical move. They should just slash the period back to what it was for everyone who qualifies to be an Australian citizen.


Gustavo said...


I am interested to be a citizen of Australia.
I have 38 years old and I want to live from my forex investments; how is possible to receive the citizenship in this case?
Another question is what is your opinin of "Go Markets" to trade with.
Thank you.

mOOm said...

As I understand it, if you are not coming here to study or an employer is sponsoring you or a spouse sponsorship then you have to apply to the Australian consulate and they'll evaluate you on a points basis. I haven't looked closely at this because I am an Australian citizen from birth and my wife came here on an employment visa and now switched to a spouse visa. But there is very good information on their website:


Given all the people in the country who have come here to study or work and then apply to stay there might not be much chance for someone like you. As you aren't looking either to create jobs by investment in Australia. If you really want to come to Australia (as taxes are quite high on derivatives compared to some countries I'm not sure why) then maybe you have to make yourself more attractive to the immigration authority.

I haven't heard of "Go Markets".

Gustavo said...

Thank you very much!!!

I don't have any problem with pay high taxes if the government works very good for all the society.
In the time what I am winning and living well in a great environment, I am happy.
My last consultation for now is: Wich is the price (+-)for a apartment of around 70 m in a good building in Perth? And which is a good site in internet to see apartments what are selling in Australia with pictures?

How can you see my English is not sufficient to write and speak easily, but I have not any problem to read.
I see what your investments are growing steadily. Congratulations!

Gustavo said...

Great info!!
I need to say thank you one more time.
I am living now in Israel for the last 7 years, and before this I lived in Argentina, the things in my country only going for worst and I cannot regret there.
I am looking for a modern country to live in.
Your comments about the taxes are very usefull to me too.

mOOm said...

My mother and brother live in Israel... and I did for 5 years back in the 1980s...

Don't be trapped by the grass is greener on the other side thing :) There's something wrong with most countries...

Gustavo said...

I must agree with this, but always is the one what really is the greener.
I try to know which is it:-).
May be is mostly subjective and not objective, but the feeling is important too.
In your opinion wich is the best country to live?
Thank you.

mOOm said...

No country is ideal it all depends what you value and what you are prepared to trade off to get what you want from life. I've voted with my feet for Australia. I like both the US and Australia more than Europe or Israel as a place to live because they are immigrant societies whereas Europe has dominant ethnic groups and minorities. Of course, both Australia and the US have disadvantaged minorities too, but in Britain despite being white I was still an outsider being Jewish and with immigrant parents. In Israel it felt weird to be in the majority instead (but an immigrant). So I feel personally more comfortable in the US and Australia. The US is more cutting edge and dynamic whether in business or academia etc. Australia is mostly a follower. The weather east of the Rocky Mountains in the US sucks... (I lived in Boston and upstate NY). Here is like Northern Italy. I'd like to live in Europe for landscape etc. proximity to family in Israel. So no place is ideal, you have to decide what you like.

mOOm said...

Where do you live now? Both the US and most European countries have lower taxes on trading derivatives than Australia has. And Hong Kong is zero as I understand...

70 square metres would probably be a one bedroom apartment. Depending on the location/building quality the price will vary. For the area of the University of Western Australia prices seem to range from $A250k to $A450k.

Here is a good website for Australian property: