Monday, December 07, 2009

Blog/Career Update

Long time readers will notice that I'm posting much less on this blog than in the past. That's because I am focusing on my academic economics career and my professional blog as I forecast. And I'm doing very little on the investment front. I notice I haven't even done any career updates since September. Things have gone a bit better on the career front recently with a couple of requests by journals to revise and resubmit papers (rather than outright rejects). But my most recent response from a journal was again a reject. Otherwise, I've been working on my funded research project, doing some presentations and developing my grant applications. On one application I now have a team of three people including me applying. There is a job available in my department with a January deadline. I've received encouragement to apply for it and so will do. I've also been asked to apply for a job at a Sydney university, though it's not the chairman asking so I may have one supporter but that might not be enough. We don't really want to move to Sydney but can't hurt to apply and see how it goes.

In other news, we've been on a couple of trips - to Darwin/Kakadu and just last week to the NSW South Coast. Both were good and we spotted a bunch of wildlife etc. Maybe Snork Maiden will do some blogposts on this some time? On both trips we stayed in self-catering style cabins which were very nice. One was much more high end than the other but both were good experiences.

I hope to keep this blog running with at least monthly net worth/spending reports, info on hedge funds, and some other occasional posts.


Revanche said...

I had noticed you were unusually quiet. Do you want the job with your department more than the one in Sydney? Or is it a balanced sort of choice where you want that job more than this one, but prefer to stay here rather than move?

mOOm said...

We want to stay where we are and the job here probably suits me more, so if I were to be offered both the choice is simple. In favor of staying here is:

1. Snork Maiden has a job here at least till the October 2010 and maybe longer the funding situation is now unclear (after we thought her team got another year of funding.

2. We prefer to live in a smaller city (though not a small town).

3. We prefer the climate here.

4. We hate making yet another move (though it's a lot easier than an international move).

The job here probably involves less teaching and this university is the best in Australia though the one in Sydney is good, I think there are more potential colleagues, more interaction with the policy process etc. here.

Revanche said...

Well, I've got my fingers crossed that you get the offer from your department, then.

mOOm said...