Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moominvalley Report May 2010

This month's numbers are pretty terrible, especially in US Dollars:

But, as you can see once you take out the exchange rate losses of $36k they aren't quite so bad. In currency neutral terms we lost 6.98% and in Australian Dollar terms 6.09% in terms of investment returns, whereas investment losses in USD terms amounted to 15.10%. However, the MSCI World Index lost "only" 9.48%.

Expenditure totaled a very high $10k due to the new laptop and the trip to Europe. Other events include the transfer of $A1,000 to superannuation I did this month.

Net worth fell by $US71k to $US377k (or by "just" $A33k to $A448k). The allocation to Australian large cap stocks fell by 0.6% of assets despite my switching money back into the Colonial First State Geared Share Fund. But the allocation to bonds also fell by 1.13% of assets a a result of the switch. Allocation to foreign stocks and hedge funds rose.

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