Thursday, December 30, 2010

US Tax Return Done

Well, there's still some printing, copying, and mailing to do. I wrote a check for $30.10. I had $98 withheld from dividends in 2008 but I didn't update all my brokers with the fact I was now non-resident in the US and so they didn't withhold the correct tax. I am sure the IRS has expended much more than $30 worth of effort on this. I certainly have and still need to pay for express mail, copying etc.

But if I didn't speak English so well and have a good handle on financial stuff I might have ended up hiring a US lawyer or accountant to deal with this at a huge expense.

Let's see if the IRS try to get me to pay a penalty on the $30...


Florida Tax Professionals said...

I think if you follow the procedures for refund , you will get 30$ refunded for sure.

mOOm said...

I paid $30. No refund for me. The IRS might try to claim a penalty, interest etc. as this is my 2008 return. But I don't think it will be worth their while pursuing it. Unless they disagree, of course, with the tax return I completed. I explained it in detail in my cover letter though.